Rajas has practice experience in the area of Cyber Laws & IPR:
Hands on experience on cases like unauthorised copying of data, unauthorised copying of Source Code, Bitcoins frauds, Crypto currency frauds and Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Denial of Service, Identity Theft, Net Banking Frauds, Credit Card Frauds, Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Defamation, Transmitting Obscene Content, Liability of an Intermediary, Invasion of Privacy, Economic Offences and Intellectual Property Rights litigation.

Rajas has been working in the field of Information Technology Law for almost a decade now. With the fast changing technology the modus operandi of the criminals keeps on changing. To apprise Law Enforcement Agencies, Judges and Public Prosecutors of the changes and keeping them abreast of the latest trends, Rajas regularly delivers lectures on Types of Cyber Crimes, Information Technology Act and Electronic Evidence. He frequently visits Police Training Centres across India and it is his honour to have trained more than 15,000 Police Officials. He strives to pass on this knowledge even more as I genuinely believe that it’s a need of the hour.

Furthermore, he regularly provide legal guidance and assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies in the Investigation of cyber crimes cases across India. He has represented Maharashtra Police at various Cyber Safety Week Campaign for public awareness which has benefited lakhs of citizens. He has handled many pro bono (free legal aid) cases for the victims of cyber crimes and provided favourable relief.

Rajas cherishes his association with the academic field, wherein he imparts his knowledge related to Information Technology Law, Electronic Evidence Law and Cyber Security at renowned Law schools, MBA colleges and Engineering colleges of India. He has also contributed significantly in the international arena by disseminating the knowledge on Cyber Laws and Cyber Security related aspects to Universities in UAE and Singapore.

Rajas was honoured to be invited by the Parliamentary Committee on examining the issue of "Cyber Pornography” and he was asked to share a note on the subject matter for possible amendments in Information Technology Act.

  1. Rajas has successfully argued and won matters for various organizations and individuals before Hon'ble Adjudicating officer, Mantralaya.
  2. Legal Counsel for a major Indian nationalised bank and working on a matter pertaining to $4.5 Million dollar (INR 29 Crores) fraud using crypto currencies. Worked on blockchain analysis.
  3. Drafting and Vetting of Agreements, Website Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  4. Providing legal services to crypto companies.
  5. Involved with various MNCs for cases related to Information Technology Law.
  6. Working on a $500,000 case pertaining to 'Change in banking details scam'
  7. Extensive research on blockchain and smart contracts.
  8. Closely working with the US based companies, wanting to start their o ices in India or have already started and want to get complied with Indian Information Technology Laws. Actively involved in mediation for the cases (IT Law) filed before Courts in Texas, USA. Successfully recovered $400,000 in compensation from an American company in the case relating to ‘change of bank details fraud'.
  9. Successfully recoveredINR 1.25 Crore compensation from a Japanese Company for unauthorized copying of data.
  10. Empaneled as a Cyber Law Expert in Banks and various Companies.
  11. Presently working with Maharashtra Police for Legal Guidance in International Domain Fraud Cases
  12. Legal Guidance & Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies in the Investigation and prosecution of Cyber Crime cases across India. 

Govt. Organizations: (Lectures /Technical Assistance in Investigation):

National Insurance Academy
Public Prosecutors of Maharashtra & Goa  
District/Sessions Court, Pune 
Cyber Police Station, Mumbai 
Cyber Crime Cell, Pune 
Maharashtra Police Training Center, Turchi  
Maharashtra Police Training Center, Khandala 
Maharashtra Judicial Academy 
Maharashtra Intelligence Academy 
Telangana State Police 
Center for Police Research
Police Academies across India 
Pune Cyber Lab
Mumbai Cyber Lab

Financial Institutions:

Reserve Bank of India (IDRBT)
Bank of Maharashtra      
Janata Sahakari Bank (Empaneled Lawyer)
Bhagini Nivedita Bank (Empaneled Lawyer)
Vishweshwar Bank (Empaneled Lawyer)
Jalgaon Janata Sahkari Bank (Empaneled Lawyer) 

Indian Educational Institutes & NGOs:

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
Symbiosis Law School
Sinhagad Engineering College
Bombay Chamber of Commerce
University of Pune
Pune Management Association (Only HR)
Bharati Vidyapeeth Law College
DES Law College
Indira Institute of Management 
AISSMS Institute of Management
Don Bosco Centre for Learning
Ferguson College
St. Vincent College
Sinhagad Management 
YC College
Various NGOs
Rotary Club​​

International Educational Institutes:


Advocate Rajas Pingle

International Cyber Law Expert

rajas@netlawgic.com / adv.rajas@gmail.com / +91 9823248395


In a nutshell there is only one word which defines Rajas, ‘TechnoLawgy’. As they say, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Likewise his love for technology drives him to learn new things every day and to discover this magic.

Rajas completed his BSL LLB from ILS Law College, which is one of the renowned institutions in India. Thereafter, he pursued his specialisation in the field of cyber laws and there upon completed Diploma in Cyber Laws, Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Laws and Post Graduate Diploma in IPR. I am also a Certified Cyber Crime Investigator and Certified Ethical Hacker. 

He is an International Cyber Law Expert practicing in India and advising clients from various countries. His focus on technology and law along with his rich and vibrant experience allows him to provide his clients with customised solution, dedicated attention and creative problem solving in all aspects of Cyber Laws and IP Laws. He have a rich experience in working with various Nationalised/Co-oprative Banks, Corporate Houses, Law Enforcement Agencies and other Government Organisations. 

He is a Partner in Netlawgic Legal Services LLP, a Technology focused Cyber Law firm in the country. Apart from his practice he conducts trainings and workshops on Cyber Laws for Law Enforcement, Other Government Organisations, National and International Universities.